Red Hot


STL 314 Day Special

For #NationalPotatoChipDay, 🥔 we're offering a variety case, which comes with FREE Red Hot Riplets seasoning AND hot sauce! 🔥
• Red Hot Riplets
• Cheesy Red Hot Riplets
• Hot Corn Chips
• Southern Sweet & Spicy BBQ Chips

Available now through Friday! $31.40, shipped to your door!


Yeah, but.

More Than Just Heat

Sweet heat

Our sweet, spicy, BBQ flavors tingle your taste buds and bring a lingering and sweet heat to any dish you dab it on. Old Vienna Red Hot Riplets seasoning enhances everything from chicken to fish, eggs, pork steaks, toasted ravioli. The list goes on and on. Our seasoning as a finishing dust is a must for all your favorite recipes!


Is it a hot sauce? Is it a barbecue sauce? Why, yes. It is spicy. It is sweet. And it is saucy. It is our very own distilled Red Hot Riplets sauce, with that St. Louis-known sweet-heat in a bottle. Try it on your chicken wings. Splash it on your favorite burger. Make a great cocktail sauce. Try it on everything and spice your life!


Our Red Hot Riplets Chips are known for the advanced ridged technology that holds our seasoning so well. Our chips are significantly coated ridge-to-ridge. The seasoning will light your taste buds on fire, but once you start munching it'll be hard to stop and you may find yourself with an empty bag in just one sitting.