In 1936, Louis Kauffmann started a potato chip business in St. Louis, Missouri. Little did he know that, many years later, his Old Vienna Brand snacks would be become a prominent St. Louis staple. And boy, did they ever. The Old Vienna brand stuck around for quite some time, only to eventually change hands and ultimately lose the tender love and care that these delicious snacks deserve.

After many ownership changes, Old Vienna Snack Food Company dissolved in 1996, after 60 years of providing some of the most tasty treats this side of the Mississip’. Luckily for us, you, and frankly, everyone in the world, Old Vienna came back as strong as ever thanks the current snack-lovin’ ownership team. Enough about the past, let’s talk about the future of snacking.



In 1996, new ownership emerged as Old Vienna LLC. This current leadership understood the brand’s equity with consumers, vowing to bring the Old Vienna brand and products back to the glory days.

Focusing on quality and our line of “Red Hot Seasoned” products our company has doubled its growth since 1996. Unquestionably, due to our unique and highly seasoned snacks. Especially “Red Hot Riplets” which have become a fiery St. Louis tradition. We are thankful for the continuous support of our St. Louis consumers, who have grown up loving our Old Vienna snacks, and we look forward to spreading our undying love of hot snacks to new cities in the future.

If you have not tried our line of creatively spicy chips and snacks, we have just one question: what are you waiting for?